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1. Three virtual - online courses (once a week) are currently going on or are planned for 2022 by JAS/SSRI.
a. Samayasar: By Pt. Romesh Bhai Shah, since January 2020.
b. Pannavana sutra: by Dr Samani Chaitanya Prajnaji w.e.f. 13th Jan 2022.
c. Basic science for philosophers by Dr. Narendra Bhandari w.e.f. 7th Feb 2022.
d. Shri Gomatsar Jiv Khand: By Dr. C. Devakumar w.e.f. July, 2022.

These course are free of charge. Everyone is welcome. More courses can be started if there is sufficient interest

2. Teaching: For undergraduate and graduate students, leading to a certificate or credit towards a degree:
a. Scientific foundations of Jainism
b. Fundamentals of Jainis
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